Laugh Your Way to Fitness?

A couple of days ago my stomach was hurting. No, it wasn’t from all the junk food I ate over the Christmas break. Although, that did cross my mind. It was as if I had just done some extreme ab work recently. I think it was because I had just watched a very funny movie the night before and had belly laughed my way through it. Then, this quote about the importance of laughter that I had just read from Barbara Johnson came to mind: “Oh, I think that’s very important. You see, one laugh equals three spoons of oat bran. And one laugh will burn six calories. And one laugh is like jogging on the inside. I think God intended for us to laugh.”

Laughter is important. As we go through life’s challenges, laughter can be in short supply. But aren’t there times when we reach the point that all we can do is throw up our hands and say “help” or just laugh. Like when you find a silver lining. Or, when you have no idea what good could come out of your ridiculous circumstances – laughter offers us a break. Laughter can remind us of better times. When we look at each other and say, what else could happen? And we laugh.

Our children have provided us plenty of reasons to laugh. Matthew loves to laugh at Will. Will loves to laugh at Matthew. And it is infectious. On any given night, at any given moment, if you were to pop into our house, you would see us laughing.

Two other things that have brought laughter to us this week are the movie, Here Comes the Boom, and the song Christmas in Bevelton. Have you heard or seen anything that brought laughter to you or your family lately?


Our Adoption – It’s Unofficially Official!

We found out this morning that Matthew is definitely a part of our family! We still have a court date on July 12 to make things officially official, but things are now secure enough for us to share his pictures! Below is the video that our friend Rachael put together for his shower on June 8. She picked out a great song. The verse we have prayed over the birth mom, Matthew, and our family throughout this journey has been 1 John 4:18a which you will see in the video.

Thank you Rachael!

Another friend of ours, Julie, took many of the pictures that were in the above video. She’s awesome! Here is the link to Julie’s website with all of the pictures:

Thank you all so much for the words, prayers, presents, and presence that you have provided to our family over the last few months. The wait has been difficult at times, but you have made that easier. We are grateful for the encouragement, tears, and hugs and ask that you continue to pray for all involved.